Monday, November 4, 2013

2 Things Cache Valleyers MUST See

There are two things that everyone residing in Cache Valley must experience during the month of October. Although Halloween parties and Zombie 5k's are great, I can guarantee that you will not regret attending the Annual Weston Idaho Pumpkin Blast and the Annual North Logan Pumpkin Walk. Let me explain...

Pumpkin Blast (Explosion)

Sometimes in life when small town folk don't have much to do, they blow stuff up. Every year, on the Saturday after Halloween, the town of Weston Idaho (30 minutes from Logan mind you) gathers all their pumpkins together, packs them with DYNAMITE, then shoots the pile. To be quite frank, words can't explain the feeling that comes from watching this. So have a look. 

Pumpkin Walk

Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso don't stand a chance against Logan locals when it comes to aesthetically pleasing the human eye. These people create entire scenes from home grown vegetables, hand-me-downs from Deseret Industries, and pieces of scrap wood. Whether it's with your family, a date, or by yourself, DON'T MISS the A.N.L.P.W. 2014.

THE actual actor in Wreck-It Ralph
   M*A*S*H Classic 
 He's 100 times cuter than Gru
Beat Bowser like...infinity times.
 Just another picture..

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