Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Logan: Adventure Capital of Utah

Whoa whoa... I know what you're thinking, "A blog from a married couple about college life? How boring". Perhaps you are right to think that, but give us a chance to break the stereotype that ALL married couples are boring. In fact Tuck and I want to prove that we can do more in life then have "game nights" on the weekends, go to bed early, and watch the old seasons of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. 

That's right, whether you are married, single, or neither... I am positive that we can show you how to have a good time in Logan, Utah. This past summer our main focus wasn't school, wasn't work, but was something we like to call outdoor adventures. Fortunately Logan is geographically located right next to plenty of lakes, rivers, and canals, plus a full mountain range just waiting to be explored. Here's just a few of the adventures that Tuck and I went on this summer in or around Logan

  • Backpacked up to White Pine Lake
  • Cliff jumped at Porcupine Dam
  • Fished at Tony Grove
  • Rock climbed a few of the 100's of climbs in Logan canyon
  • White water rafted in Jackson Wyoming (only a few hours from Logan)
  • Off-roading in the mud on the way to Old Ephraim's grave
  • Paintballed at Bear Lake
  • Backpacked the Wind River Mountains (also a few hours from Logan)
  • Etc. etc. etc.!
Need I say more? Logan is packed with a plethora of opportunities to explore, adventure and become one with nature. Welcome to Utah State. Welcome to Logan. Welcome to the LIFE


  1. I just started and deleted three comments...

    I'm just happy to read this.

    We should be fun couples together sometime, no?


  2. you're cute & fun & i like you.